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    India's No. 1  Defence School in Dehradun For

    School and Defence exams integrated programme


    An integrated course of two years which includes Best NDA Coaching with schooling of 11th and 12th along with complete NDA preparation under the watchful eyes of experts. Free customized study material designed for the purpose of only NDA, special guidance for English speaking and personal interviews.

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    Integrated course of 1 year, this course has been designed considering the needs of aspirants and their young age. This course takes care of their schooling with the preparation of RIMC. Free customized study material, special focus on preparing student for interview.

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    An integrated course of 1 year, preparing students for Sainik School as well as taking care of their school curriculum. Special care given to their preparation for interview with the help of monthly mock interviews. Free customized study material.

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    An integrated course of one year which takes care of school curriculum along with preparations of RMS. We prepare students for written exams and interview under the guidance of expert mentors.

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    About Dehradun Defence School:

    Dehradun Defence school was set up in April 2018 as a branch of prestigious Dehradun Defence Academy, to provide the best possible guidance in terms of education, physical training and developing the personality of our students through different extra curricular activities. The curriculum is designed in such a fashion that the students not only excels in academics but also in sports and different skills such as boxing , ji jutsu , public speaking, group discussions , so that the chances of him cracking the SSB rounds are greater than that of any other contestant. DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL the best NDA Coaching in India after 10th only defence school in Dehradun with more than 85% success rate in all exams and the average percentage of 82.79 in the boards.


    Dehradun defence school , is a guiding post for all the defence aspirants, right from class 5 when he becomes eligible for RIMC/ SAINIK SCHOOL. We have made a mark in educating and preparing aspirants through our NDA FOUNDATION COURSE AFTER 10th in Dehradun, where we mentor and train the future officers of armed forces. NDA coaching with schooling has been our USP, the results speaks louder than words and our results speak the loudest. We have established ourselves as the best defence school in india by producing officers and well groomed citizens year after year.


    Prepare to be the best
    strive for excellence with us.

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    How we are different then others?

    1) Modern approach towards studies, we use short study capsules and videos along with info graphics which makes it easy for the students to process the information easily.

    2)Recent technologies and smart class rooms with access to smart panels enable us to enhance the quality of teaching and enhance the learning experiences.

    3)Online notes , our team believes that our students should not waste their time in making notes while in class. They must instead invest their time in resolving their doubts and learning concepts, hence online notes in pdf form.

    4) We have one of the best teams in India, the qualifications of the coaches speaks for themselves and so one of the best results.

    5) Apart from academics , we also try to teach subjects like ethics, communication skills with TOEFL certified faculties so that aspirants may learn necessary life skills.

    6) Exposure of the students to people who have served in different fields related to Defence. This keeps their eyes in the goal and spirits high.

    7) All over India we are the first School which has its own mock test series of NDA , CDSE and AIRFORCE X/Y group. Our students practice all year long for the exam and can assess their progress in a more concrete way. Parents can log into our android app and can keep constant watch on the progress of their ward.

    8) Monthly mock interviews prepare aspirants to face the ultimate challenge in NDA and CD5 i.e personal interview round.

    Conducive Environment For Defence Aspirants

    Under the watchful eyes of ex-armed forces personnel , students learn all the necessary officers like qualities such as discipline, punctuality and sincerity under their tutelage. Physical training, strength and conditioning which are a very important part of our curriculum at Dehradun Defence School which is the No.1 Best NDA Coaching in India after 10th in Dehradun


    Important part of our curriculum at Dehradun Defence School are in the under the guidence of the following experts.

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    As opposed to traditional way of teaching the end results , we teach our students to derive the results , this helps us in Building the Foundation of their basic understanding of all subjects which helps the aspirants in developing their logical and critical abilities. Through this way of teaching different subjects, DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL has achieved good results and even the weakest of our students perform well in various exams.

    This is the combined efforts of the above team at our Defence School in Dehradun which makes us the best Defence School in India for NDA Coaching after 10th.


    Most of the Defence schools in Dehradun and all over India can only boast of the quality of the faculties and the results that we have at Dehradun Defence School. We have proved our mettle, our results and feedback of the ex students as well as their parents tell much about the coaching and the efforts that DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL puts in year after year. The tag of Best DEFENCE SCHOOL IN DEHRADUN is therefore well deserved.


    • Two to 3 persons in a single room
    • Single bed for each individual
    • Vegetarian food (3 course meal)
    • Safe localities

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    • Equipment for SSB training
    • Ample space for running and training
    • Designed for circuit training
    • Trainers for strength training and conditioning

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    Smart Classrooms
    • Equipped with interactive panels
    • Lectures with infographics and animation
    • 30 second capsules for important topics
    • Android app for online tests
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    Boards result and faculties for schooling at Dehradun Defence School: over the course of two years most of our students have managed to score well over 90%. Faculties of Dehradun Defence Schools are one of the most motivated and competitive ones.

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    Dehradun Defence School Registration Starts from 1st January 2021 and only 70 Seats Available for Foundation Batch