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NDA Coaching with Schooling in Dehradun – Best School for NDA Preparation

A lot of students have been opting for carrier in Indian armed forces and in such a scenario NDA Coaching with Schooling in Dehradun has proved to be a blessing. In this integrated course defence aspirants starts their preparations for NDA just after passing 10th, pursuing his intermediate along with honing himself for NDA exam. DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL is proud to announce that we have been running this program for last 4 years and we have produced the best results.

An excellent team of teachers, modern infrastructure, smart classrooms, customized study material and smart campus all these factors have contributed to the first rate results that DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL has been producing. Our continuous efforts and results has earned us the tag of best School for NDA  preparations. A detailed account of infrastructure ,faculties ,study material, SSB training ground etc has been given below.

NDA Coaching with Schooling in Dehradun

Infrastructure for NDA Coaching with Schooling in Dehradun India :

  • SMART CLASSROOMS: technology has brought revolution in the field of education and those not keeping pace with it are not as efficient as the times require. We have evolved with the times and made a name for ourselves for NDA Coaching with Schooling in Dehradun India.  Smart panels, interactive boards, infographics, and 30 seconds capsules for important topics are only some examples of the modern approach.
  • GYMNASIUM: physical fitness is not only a necessary part of life but also an integral part of preparations for defence services. Gym without a certified trainer is also not in the benefit of the aspirants so we have hired an ace certified trainer to help our students grow and understand the anatomy and techniques better.
  • HOSTEL : our in house hostel is a dormitory, equipped with all the basic amenities.We have another hostel outside the campus where only 2 persons stay in a single room, aspirants who want to stay there have a choice. NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun requires more than just good teachers and mentors, it requires nutrition and nurturing and we at DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL understand which makes us the best school for NDA preparations in India.
  • MESS : our kitchen is fully equipped with modular tools, cooks and supporting staff keeps the kitchen hygenic and clean. Masks, head covers and gloves are used as a standard measure. On your visit we will invite you to inspect the kitchen and make sure that your ward is getting the best NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun.


are served weekly to make our south Indian students feel at home. We remain through and through the best NDA school for class 11th .

  • SSB GROUND: SSB coaching is as necessary as studies and should be given its due attention. A lot of aspirants who pass the written examination of nda, fail in their SSB. The only remedy is to prepare the students all year long continuously for interviews, GTO and other components of SSB. Under the guidance of Group captain Amitabh Rai, former assessor on the SSB board of mysore and Dehradun , we have developed a SSB ground which prepares our students for any challenge that they might face in SSB. DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL has all the necessary tools at its disposal to polish its students. Whenever people think about NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun , we check all the boxes in their checklist.
  • YOGA HALL : contemporary science has given us certain proof that meditation and yoga helps us in many ways, we would like to list only two here 1) increase concentration 2) reduce stress. We have dedicated yoga hall for our students and faculty. Frequent visits by yoga teachers makes us special. No other school offering NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun can claim to provide the care that we do. We are the best NDA school for class 11th , to start the journey of future officer of the motherland.
  • AUDITORIUM : guest lectures by the people who are serving in armed forces as officers, speeches, and other activities require an auditorium. NDA coaching with schooling does not only mean teaching and training the aspirants for exam , its also needs exposure of the students to people who are already there. It keeps them motivated . We always set the bar high and NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun is our usp.


Continuous studies and training also needs to be supported by events and competition where students can have fun. TOP 15 students in our monthly tests get to go on hikings and expeditions with us. This keeps us a healthy competition among the students. We keep our students socially aware and make them participate in various social awareness programmes. This gives them exposure to prepare them for a life of an responsible officer and aware citizen. NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun is not just a school to get a job , it’s a school of life. We inculcate all the necessary elements our student will be needing.


Faculties are the most important part of any school, academy or institute.  The team of faculties that we have makes us the best NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun. Unparalleled qualifications, devotion and a passion for teaching makes us unique and the best school for NDA preparation.


We are a team of educators who try to put their best ahead and so for students who do not understand hindi, we have separate lectures in English of every subject. This has encouraged students of non hindi belt to come and participate in this prestigious exam. NDA coaching with schooling in Dehradun was never easier . Separate lectures in English has helped us in producing extra ordinary results and helped our students in boosting their confidence.

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