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Best NDA Coaching after 10th – Dehradun Defence School

Serving one’s country in the armed forces is a dream worth working hard for, this passion is shared by many young aspirants of NDA. Year after year lakhs of students appears for this prestigious exam.  Some start to prepare for the NDA exam after the 12th and some start early i.e after the 10th.  Starting NDA  coaching after 10th in Dehradun India with Dehradun defence School has its own advantages.

Pros of NDA Coaching after 10TH in Dehradun, India.

  1. NDA COACHING AFTER 10TH IN DEHRADUN GIVES A 2 YEAR HEADSTART OVER REST OF THE CANDIDATES:  while completing the syllabus of school with the best of the faculties, students start their preparations meticulously and gradually.  the basics of English grammar and general knowledge are imbibed and teachers make sure that they crack NDA written exam while appearing in class 12th. This is only one of the many perks of NDA coaching with schooling.
  2. Dehradun has been a nest of best educators for ages, it has also been preferred by many a retired officer as a place of residence which makes this place an ideal place for some of the best NDA coachings after 10th in India.

NDA Coaching after 10th


  1. NDA preparation after 10th gives the academies ample time to inculcate all the necessary ingredients and qualities in the student’s forex discipline, punctuality, and perseverance. All these necessary officers like qualities must be nurtured carefully and NDA coaching after 10th in Dehradun is an ideal choice.

  2. Most of the parents opt for NDA coaching after 10th in Dehradun for a number of reasons and of those reasons is, the safe environment that Dehradun provides. It is no wonder that Dehradun houses the BEST NDA COACHING WITH SCHOOLING. A safe environment puts a stop to numerous worries of parents and gives aspirants a conducive atmosphere to grow in.
  3. NDA coaching with schooling not only takes care of the academics part of the student’s life but also takes care of his overall personality development.  As NDA COACHING AFTER 10TH gives us sufficient time to work on all the aspects of life. For example, communication is big in the list of necessary life skills. We give all our students opportunities and exposure so that they may become good orators . 2 years that NDA coaching with schooling provides to aspirants with Dehradun defence School Makes him a perfect fit for all defense purposes.

NDA Coaching after 10th


    A lot of students come from rural India, Where there is a chronic lack of good educators. The way of mugging up the syllabus is prominent. This problem also prevails in most of the metro cities, NDA coaching with schooling provides the students from all over India an opportunity to study with some of the best mentors. We have a team of mentors and coaches who know the value of good education and the honing of mental abilities by knocking on the minds of young aspirants. Our students make us proud, year after year their results and capabilities prove that the youth of India has infinite potential if it gets proper guidance. NDA coaching after 10th  IN DEHRADUN gives us a wonderful opportunity to work with the future of India and contribute to shaping the nation.
  2. After 10th, the coming years are formative years which are very important. NDA coaching after 10th in Dehradun provides them with an opportunity to learn at an early age, they learn the spirit of competition which is critical in the present age.
  3. When the day of the aspirants start at 5 am in the morning followed by a rigorous physical training program, followed by breakfast, and then starts the academics part with expert teachers, Classes of ethics, mock interviews, extempore, etc. a child is bound to grow steadily.

NDA Coaching after 10th

Why Dehradun Defence School provides NDA Coaching just after 10th

A few years back aspirants used to prepare for NDA after 12th which used to give them a very short amount of time to gauge themselves to the standards of the defense services. rural India was especially at a disadvantage since the most critical parts of clearing the SSB such as personality grooming, English speaking and body language were and are even now ignored there hence there was a huge disparity between the numbers of students selected from urban and rural India.

The scenario changed when NDA coaching with schooling came into play, whatever the rule India lacked in terms of grooming and communications, it started to gain on it through NDA COACHING AFTER 10TH IN DEHRADUN.  Now the aspirants coming from small and backward villages are offering tough competition to urban India. The gap has closed. This is considered a huge success in uplifting the spirits and increasing the no of aspirants hailing from small towns in this sector.

DEHRADUN DEFENCE SCHOOL as an organization has contributed significantly to improving the results of aspirants hailing from rural India. To name a few advantages that our students will always have over others :

Join NDA Foundation for NDA Coaching just after 10th Class

Dehradun Defence School Provides the best NDA coaching in India after 10th.  The team of coaches which is often the most important part of any academy is one of the best to be found anywhere in India. The ambience of the institute and the cooperation of the teachers makes us even more popular among the defence aspirants. In our NDA coaching after 10thprogramme, we have received an overwhelming response from parents as well as students.

NDA coaching after 10th in Dehradun became a popular program after we started to enroll students. Over a period of some years with the help of continuous feedback from students and parents we have developed a system that has never let us down.  Any students may approach us at any time of day with any problem he has and we have never let their hopes down.


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